OptiFLOW® Shower Head Performance

OptiFLOW® is our uncompromising performance design standard. Waterpik® shower heads with OptiFLOW® technology provide more force than other shower heads, even at low water pressures.

OptiFLOW power in Waterpik Shower Heads

OptiFLOW® Design

We prototype, test, and refine Waterpik® shower head designs to meet or exceed the OptiFLOW® standard. Every part of the shower head, from the inside out, is engineered to maximize water flow and force. The result? Powerful shower heads.

The OptiFLOW® Difference

You won't find our patented OptiFLOW® technology in other brands. Learn how Waterpik® shower heads with OptiFLOW® give you a better shower experience.

The Proof Behind OptiFLOW® Power

At Water Pik, our engineers have decades of design experience. Over the years, we've developed rigorous shower head testing processes in our R&D lab, including:

1. Flow testing
Verifies that the shower head maintains a strong flow, even at low water pressure
2. Distance testing
Verifies that the shower head spray covers a specific distance and area
3. Water force testing
Verifies that the different shower head spray modes deliver a specific level of force