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WaterpikTM Whitening Water Flosser: Improved Stain Removal Over Tooth Brushing Alone

Evaluation of Tooth Whitening using a Liquid Dentifrice Delivered by the Whitening Water Flosser

Milliman JL, Milleman KR, Battershell K, Lyle DM. Study conducted at Salus Research, Fort Wayne, IN. 2014


To evaluate the effectiveness of an experimental ‘liquid dentifrice’ delivered using a WaterpikTM water flosser in removing stain from approximal and marginal areas of the tooth by patients over a two week period compared to brushing alone.


Extrinsic tooth stains on the facial approximal and marginal surfaces of the four mandibular incisors were scored using the MacPherson modification of the Lobene Stain Index. This index assesses both the intensity and area of stain present on the mesial and distal regions of each tooth, which are prime locations for stain formation. For each case study subject, a color photograph of the mandibular anterior teeth was taken before and after the supervised and assisted flossing. The photographs were used for supporting documentation and not for data analysis.


After two weeks, the WaterpikTM water flosser treatment group using the liquid dentifrice experienced a reduction in extrinsic stain of 25% as measured by the Modified Lobene Stain Index. The Toothbrushing group saw no improvement, as measured by the same index.


Daily use of the WaterpikTM water flosser with a liquid dentifrice removes more extrinsic stain than tooth brushing alone.