Professional Dental Supplies

Matrix Systems

Waterpik®, trusted for years for dependable matrix solutions including the Original Tofflemire® System and Wizard Wedges®, now brings you the New Waterpik® ClearView Sectional Matrix System. The ClearView System features the Waterpik® ClearView Ring with the unique hourglass shape that allows you to better see and access the restoration site.

Prophy Products

Browse our full line of prophy products for preventive care, including prophy pastes, prophy cups, and Gel-Grip™ and Densco® natural rubber and latex-free disposable prophy angles.

Impression Products

Our versatile impression trays, pastes, and materials are designed to meet a wide range of patient and dental professional needs.

Restorative Products

Soft Shine® Polishing Paste, Getz®, and Blue Core Crown Build-up Material are part of the Water Pik, Inc. line of restorative products.


The autoclavable Densco® Condensaire® amalgam condenser is a safe and effective way to condense amalgam automatically.