Hold™ Tray Adhesive

Hold Tray Adhesive

Despite perforations in metal or plastic impression trays to help retain alginates, many practitioners prefer a stronger adhesive bonding between alginate and tray. Hold Tray Adhesive provides that extra confidence. Available in liquid or aerosol spray. Not recommended for use with elastomeric impression materials.

Product Benefits

  • Strong and consistent retention of impression materials
  • Easy-to-use spray or liquid

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Available Product Sizes

Liquid - .5 oz (14 ml) 011460-000
1 Package, 2 Bottles per package
Liquid - 4 oz (118 ml) 011462-000
1 Package, 2 Bottles per package
Aersol Can - 2.7 oz (80 ml) 011461-000
1 Aersol Can