Waterpik® ClearView Sectional Matrices

The Waterpik® ClearView Sectional Matrices are color-coded for quick and accurate selection of the desired size. The non-stick coating, plus the centralized gripping tab creates easier placement and removal of the matrix. The matrices are anatomically shaped to produce the best contour and contact for the range of Class II restorations. Available in five sizes.

Product Benefits

  • Complete selection of sectional matrix sizes
  • Non-stick coating and gripping tab for easy placement
  • Color-coded for quick and accurate size selection

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Available Product Sizes

Bicuspids 4.6mm (light gray) 20020226
50 matrices
Bicuspids 3.8mm with extension (light blue) 20020227
25 matrices
Bicuspids and Small Molars 5.5mm (dark blue) 20020228
50 matrices
Molars 6.4mm with extension (purple) 20020229
25 matrices
Molars 6.4mm (green) 20020230
50 matrices