Waterpik® Gel-Grip™ Prophy Angle with Latex-Free Cup and Brush

Waterpik® Gel-Grip® Prophy Angle with Latex-Free Cup and Brush

The Waterpik® Gel-Grip® Prophy Angle features soft grips for comfort and control. The unique Waterpik® Wizard™ soft, latex-free cup and brush combination gently polishes teeth and removes stains efficiently, especially from occlusal surfaces and interproximal spaces. The soft, latex-free spiral cup design minimizes splatter and makes contoured cleaning easy while maximizing patient comfort.

Product Benefits

  • Unique Waterpik® Wizard™ cup and brush combination
  • Toothbrush-like bristles enhance stain removal
  • Soft latex-free Spiral Cup minimizes splatter and gently polishes
  • Soft grips reduce fatigue and soreness
  • Tactile response for precision control
  • Optimized angle for better reach and access to posterior sites
  • Smooth running and vibration-free

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Available Product Sizes

Disposable Prophy Angle - Soft Latex Free Cup & Brush 20018275
200 angles per Box