WaterpikTM Classic Water Flosser Tongue Cleaner


Designed specifically for WATERPIK Classic water flossers, models WP-72, WP-60, or WP-65.

The Classic Water Flosser Tongue Cleaner has a contoured spoon-like shape to effectively trap and remove bacteria from the tongue. With a gentle scraping and flushing action, it sweeps away bacteria and sulfur compounds that reside on the tongue and cause bad breath. Daily use can help prevent halitosis.

Best for: Fresher breath

Compatible with: WATERPIK Classic and Classic Professional countertop water flossers only

Replace: Every 6 months

Includes: 2 color-coded water flosser tips per package (colors may vary)

How to use: With the unit OFF, set the pressure to the lowest setting. Place the Tongue Cleaner in the center/middle of your tongue, about half-way back. Turn on unit and pull the tip forward with light pressure. Repeat to clean the desired areas of the tongue. You can increase water pressure if you prefer.