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The World's 1st Flossing Toothbrush Just Got Better

Brush and Floss at the Same Time!

You’ve never felt this good about taking care of your oral health at home.

Brush and Floss at the Same Time!

You’ve never felt this good about taking care of your oral health at home.

How to Use


Place brush head in mouth, press BRUSH button, use light pressure and clean all tooth surfaces.


Lean over sink, place brush head in partially closed mouth, press FLOSS button, follow gumline.

Brush + Floss

Place brush head in partially closed mouth. Lean over the sink, press BRUSH and FLOSS buttons.

Even Better Performance

2X bristle tip speed and
30% more flossing power
vs. original

Sonic-Fusion Flossing Toothbrush

Sonic-Fusion® SF-03

Behind the Design

The making of a flossing toothbrush

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Sonic-Fusion® 2.0

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Read Reviews

All the Features

Brush, floss, or both at the same time - now with new and improved performance

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Learn More About Sonic-Fusion® 2.0

Sonic-Fusion® 2.0 combines the power of an advanced sonic toothbrush with the proven effectiveness of the Waterpik® Water Flosser. The toothbrush head features a built-in water flosser tip that pulsates from the center of the toothbrush, allowing you to use one device for both brushing and flossing.

Sonic-Fusion® 2.0 offers three modes:

  • Brush
  • Water Floss
  • Brush and Water Floss at the same time

A clinical study found that Sonic-Fusion® is 2X as effective as traditional brushing and flossing for reducing plaque and improving gum health.

For in-depth information, please go to our Clinical Research section on this site, which includes links to the clinical abstracts.

Sonic-Fusion® 2.0 offers improved performance with these new features:

  • 2X bristle tip speed
  • Quieter brushing experience
  • 2 toothbrush speeds (high/low)
  • Advanced lithium-ion battery
  • 30% more flossing power

Yes, you can use most mouthwashes in the reservoir. The exceptions are povidone iodine and pure essential oil such as tea tree oil. If any agent other than water is used in the reservoir, you should flush the unit with water after using.

Yes, this product is perfect for anyone with braces, implants, crowns, bridges, or periodontal pockets. Using Sonic-Fusion® 2.0 is a great way to protect the investment you have made in your dental work.

Sonic-Fusion® 2.0 comes with a limited 3-year warranty. Visit or call our support team at 1-888-226-3042 for additional warranty information.

Yes, Sonic-Fusion® 2.0 is validated by the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) to remove up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas and is up to 50% more effective for improving gum health vs. string floss.