Water for Wellness Council

Waterpik® is committed to wellness and has enlisted the Water for Wellness Council, a group of health and wellness experts with varying expertise ranging from fitness to physical and massage therapy.

Through content, education, and action, council members leverage their health and wellness expertise to communicate the benefits of PowerPulse Therapeutic Strength Massage shower heads and demonstrate the role they can play in overall wellness routines.

Dr. Karen Litzy, Physical Therapist

Dr. Karen Litzy

Physical Therapist

Dr. Litzy, PT, DPT is a licensed physical therapist, international speaker and owner of Karen Litzy Physical Therapy, PLLC in New York City. Through her work as a physical therapist, she has helped thousands of people including Fortune 500 CEOs, royalty, and celebrities overcome painful conditions, recover from surgery, and feel stronger than ever before. Dr. Litzy can speak about:

  • The benefits of physical therapy with a focus on orthopedics, osteoarthritis, women's health, and home health
  • The neuroscience behind the pain experience and the most effective ways to alleviate discomfort
  • At-home remedies to aid in injury prevention, recovery, and pain management
John Honerkamp, Marathon Trainer and Runner

John Honerkamp

Marathon Trainer and Runner

John Honerkamp is known as "The Celebrity Marathon Whisperer" for good reason; he is a famed marathon runner and trainer who has coached thousands of runners at all levels, creating training plans from one mile to a marathon. He is a big proponent of exercise and wellness, specifically as it relates to total body health and recovery. John Honerkamp can speak about:

  • Stretching techniques before and after fitness activities
  • Active recovery techniques and remedies
  • Ways to minimize post-exercise stiffness and discomfort
Rebecca Kordecki, Health and Wellness Specialist

Rebecca Kordecki

Health and Wellness Specialist

Rebecca Kordecki has spent 25 years as a highly sought-after celebrity fitness trainer, massage therapist, health and wellness specialist and is the founder of The Breath Zone. She specializes in wellness remedies that relieve stress, anxiety and promote healthy living. Rebecca can speak about:

  • The therapeutic benefits of massage
  • Unique approaches to mind/body wellness
  • At-home remedies to aid in muscle recovery and relaxation