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Waterpik® Sensonic® Professional Toothbrush: Unsurpassed Plaque Removal Beyond The Bristles

Efficacy of Various Side-to-Side Toothbrushes for Noncontact Biofilm Removal

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To evaluate the efficacy of the Waterpik® Sensonic® Professional Toothbrush to other sonic powered toothbrushes for noncontact (beyond the bristles) biofilm removal.


Plaque biofilm was formed in vitro on protein-coated titanium disks and was exposed to four different side-to-side sonic toothbrushes using brushing times of 2, 4, and 6 seconds and brushing (bristle-to-disk) distances of 0, 2, and 4 mm. The biofilm volumes were measured using volumetric analyses with confocal laser scanning microscope images to determine biofilm removal.


The overall median reduction in plaque biofilm for the Waterpik® Sensonic® Professional Toothbrush was 80%, while the median reduction for the Sonicare® FlexCare was 62%. The other two toothbrushes in the study removed 9% and 13% respectively.


The Waterpik® Sensonic® Professional toothbrush was unsurpassed in removing in vitro plaque without bristle contact.