Pet Wand PRO Dog Shower Attachment

Flow Rate: 6.8 LPM

Spray Modes: 2

$59.99 MSRP

The Pet Wand PRO Dog Shower Attachment for indoor-outdoor use is designed with you and your dog in mind. Now you can have a professional grade product for a superior clean at home.

The Pet Wand PRO features a unique WaterComb™ spray that provides maximum cleaning coverage and the power you need for effective rinsing of thick fur.

It also includes a targeted narrow spray that is perfect for hard-to-reach or sensitive areas.

For one-handed operation, the EasySelect™ dial allows you to control the spray settings, change water pressure, and even pause to a trickle. You can connect the Pet Wand PRO to your existing shower – the convenient 2-way diverter lets you easily switch between the shower head and the Pet Wand PRO. Or use it outdoors with the included outdoor adapter.

Product Features

  • Contoured Shape for Dogs
  • Diverter for indoor installation
  • Easy Pause
  • EasySelect Spray Selector on Handle
  • For all Dog Types
  • Installs in Minutes
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • One Handed Operation
  • Outdoor Adapter
  • Suction Cup Hook
  • Ultra Flexible 8-Foot Hose

Spray Modes

  • Narrow Spray
  • WaterComb™ Spray

Product Specifications

  • Product Category: Pet Wand
  • Flow Rate (LPM): 6.8
  • Number of Spray Settings: 2
  • Hose Length: 2.44 m
  • Height: 33.02 cm
  • Width: 3.81 cm
  • Depth: 3.81 cm
  • Unit Weight: 0.16 kg
  • Shipping Weight: 0.91 kg