EcoFlowTM Shower Head

Flow Rate: 6.1 LPM

  • White

Spray Modes: 4

$19.99 MSRP

With ECOFLOW shower heads there’s no need to sacrifice superior performance for great savings. This eco-friendly technology reduces shower water consumption, saving you money on your water and energy bills.

This low flow shower head conserves water without sacrificing a refreshing and invigorating experience.

You get the same ultimate shower experience that you've come to expect from WATERPIK shower heads, all without wasting money or water.

Spray Modes

  • Full Body
  • Full Body + Massage
  • Pulsating Massage
  • Water Saving Trickle

Product Specifications

  • Primary Finish: White
  • Product Category: Fixed Mount
  • Flow Rate (LPM): 6.1
  • Head Type: 3" Diameter Head
  • Number of Spray Settings: 4

How to Install Your Shower Head

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