Shower Head Spray Settings

Different shower spray settings instantly change your shower experience. Nozzle patterns, a mode selector, and water channels work together to create each spray type.

Spray Settings and Patterns

Common types of spray settings and patterns include:

  • PowerSpray A shower mode that boosts the force of the water spray. Some shower heads offer a concentrated center PowerSpray for easy rinsing of thick hair.
  • Full body spray A full spray pattern across the shower face that maximizes water coverage and warmth.
  • Massage spray Invigorating spray that varies water flow to create a massage experience. Types include circular, pulsating, and twin massaging sprays.
  • Misting spray Fine water droplets create a gentle, soft mist spray experience.
  • Water saving spray When you need to shave or lather up, a water saving spray lets you decrease the water flow to conserve water and save money.
  • Rain shower A drenching, rain-like shower spray that typically provides the largest coverage.

Combination Spray Modes

Some spray modes are created by combining sprays and adjusting water flow:

  • Combination spray The water can flow individually to two different spray modes or simultaneously to create a combination mode.
  • High/low spray One mode decreases water flow (low setting) and the other mode maximizes water flow (high setting) within the same spray pattern.

Slow Motion Videos

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