Hand Held Shower Heads

Best Shower Head For: Cleaning the shower, washing kids, bathing pets, assisted showering, and showering while seated

More Flexibility When You Need It

With the additional reach offered by a 5-foot hose, hand held shower heads give you more options compared to standard fixed shower heads.

Important Features of Hand Showers

Flexible Shower Hose

  • A flexible hose attaches to the shower head. It give you the freedom to hold the shower head handle in your hand and move the spray as needed.
  • If a standard 5-foot hose is not long enough, try an extra-long, 8-foot shower hose to extend the shower head's reach.

Hand Shower Holder Bracket

  • When you need both hands, insert the base of the hand held shower head into its holder.
    • The holder is a bracket that attaches to the shower pipe.
    • It is also where you connect the shower hose for the water supply.
  • Many hand held shower head holders include a pivot ball or other mechanism for adjusting the shower head's position.
Hand held shower head bracket

Best Hand Held Shower Heads

Waterpik® hand held shower heads are affordable and attractive. They offer a wide range of innovative functions, styles, and finishes, including:

  • Easy-to-clean anti-clog nozzles
  • 5-foot hose
  • Quick installation - no plumber needed!
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Variety of spray settings
  • Chrome, white, or brushed nickel options

Shower Pressure and Spray Settings

  • Even with the length added by the flexible hose, Waterpik® hand held shower heads provide the high pressure and power you want in a shower.
  • Hand held shower heads feature a range of spray settings, including shower massage, power spray, mist, and full body spray.

Dual Shower Heads

For the best of both a hand held shower head combined with a standard fixed-mount shower head, consider a combination dual shower head.