Fixed Mount Shower Heads

Enjoy power and performance at a great price. Fixed mount shower heads are the right choice if you prefer a clean, modern look for your shower.

Best Shower Head For: Creating an uncluttered and sleek look, keeping the shower head out of reach of children

Important Features of Fixed Mount Showers

Form and Function

Here are a few things to watch for when selecting a fixed mount shower head:


To create a better shower, Water Pik engineers developed our patented OptiFLOW® technology to optimize water flow and force. Your fixed mount shower head should be engineered for powerful performance.

OptiFLOW® power in Waterpik Shower Heads
PowerSpray+™ Twin Turbo™ Shower Head

Best Fixed Mount Shower Heads

You can find a wide range of Waterpik® fixed mount shower head designs in chrome, white, and brushed nickel finishes and water-saving low flow options.

Because they are so easy to install, Waterpik® fixed mount shower heads let you upgrade your bathroom in minutes.