Adjustable Shower Heads

Adjustable shower heads make it easy to position the shower spray where you want it. And they let you change the shower height or angle in seconds.

Best Shower Head For: Accommodating tall and short people, adjusting for low or high shower arms or pipes


Adjustable Arm

Auto-Lock Arm

  • An auto-lock arm is a convenient alternative to a standard adjustable arm. It moves easily to change the shower head height, angle, and distance and locks into place automatically without wing nuts.
  • The SideWinder drencher rain shower head is an example of an adjustable shower head with auto-lock arm.

Flexible Neck

  • A flexible neck flexible shower head incorporates a shower arm that is so moveable, you can adjust it to almost any position.
  • Move the shower up to add height, move it down for shorter people or children, and adjust the angle.
  • Patented Waterpik® FlexNeck technology lets you adjust the shower head and it stays put.